Under any conditions whether client cancel the work, made payment for different license and if Client business can't be enlisted in FSSAI and not ready to give you FSSAI testament then 20% of cash will be refund(due to high Advertisement cost) in a similar mode you have paid. Sometime client made more than 1 payment for same license, in that case refund will be provided after deducting some nominal processing charges vary 400-600 INR.

Refund solicitation can be send through mail. Refund solicitation can be made inside 10 days of online application made.

We will process your refund demand inside 10 to 15 business long periods of getting all the data required for handling refund like purpose behind refund, bank subtleties for preparing demand, and so forth.

You can't drop the enrollment once connected. No Refund will be given once the application is done and FSSAI Certificate is issued.

FSSAI Registration declaration Applied on the web, will be conveyed inside 72 hours to the Email Id gave in the online application structure.

In the event that you have any question about application process, you can keep in touch with us . On the off chance that we need any extra illumination about your business action our group will contact you by email or call.

Fssairegistration.org will not be considered in break of its Satisfaction Guarantee approach or default under any terms of administration, and will not be at risk to the Client for any discontinuance, interference, or deferral in the execution of its commitments by reason of tremor, flood, fire, storm, lightning, dry season, avalanche, sea tempest, violent wind, tropical storm, tornado, cataclysmic event, demonstration of God or the open foe, pestilence, starvation or plague, activity of a court or open specialist, change in law, blast, war, fear mongering, outfitted clash, work strike, lockout, blacklist or comparable occasion past our sensible control, regardless of whether anticipated or unanticipated (each a "Power Majeure Event").